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Your skin deserves better performing products, sign up to receive 8-10 seasonal skincare products.

How it Works


Determine Your True Skintype

Our quiz determines your true skin type centered on how you react and feel. Each product is hand picked for you based on your skin profile.


Become a Babe

Receive 8-10 customized skincare products delivered to your door each season. That's 4 boxes a year!


Meet the Community

All our products come from women, POC and LGBTQ+ owned businesses with an emphasis on our environment. You are now a part of this community!

Seasonal Skincare Box
Seasonal Skincare Box
Seasonal Skincare Box
Seasonal Skincare Box
Seasonal Skincare Box
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Skincare for all Seasons! 

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Box includes 

  • 8-10 custom products 
  • Women, POC & LGBTQ+ owned brands
  • Science-Backed Skincare
  • Products curated just for you!
When we ship:

Babe Mask ships one box per season (December, March, June, September). Your first order will ship within 10 days of signing up and will then follow the seasonal pattern. Subscriptions renew on the 1st of December, March, June, and September. 


Spring March 1st (billed) | March 15th (delivered by)

Summer June 1st (billed) |  June 15th (delivered by)

Fall September 1 (billed) - September 15th (delivered by)

Winter December 1 (billed) | December 15 (delivered by)

Find your true skin type with our quiz!

Discover new
Women, POC & LGBTQ+
owned brands

Curated for your unique skin care needs

Receive up to 10 science-backed skincare products

Sustainable packaging every time

Why Babe Mask

At Babe Mask our mission is to be a platform for voices of minority owned skincare brands.

We make it easy to find the right skincare for your unique needs by partnering with amazing brands to bring science-backed formulas and high-quality ingredients.

Babe Mask is more than just a box, we provide a community and a tailored experience for every single person no matter who you are or what you look like. No two boxes are the same because no two people have the same skin. If we wouldn't put it on our skin we wouldn't dare give it to you!


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