The Self-Care Box Just For You

8+ full-size products shipped seasonally from small, diverse, and sustainable self-care brands

What to Expect


Let's hear about YOU

The first step is our skincare quiz. We want to learn how your skin looks, feels and reacts to certain situations on a regular basis to get to know you and what you need.


Treat Yourself

Like what you're seeing? Welcome, babe! You can expect 4 custom boxes a year, you'll receive shipments to match the season. Duh, your skin needs the change!


Welcome Babe

Enjoy your new community. Our brand partners are women owned, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owned, sustainable brands. Show up, do you, be you and you'll find your tribe!

Seasonal Skincare Box
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Skincare for all Seasons! 

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Box includes 

  • 8-10 seasonal products 
  • Women, BIPOC & LGBTQ+ owned brands
  • Science-Backed Skincare
  • Products curated just for you and your self-care routine!
  • Products are seasonal therefore may vary from given images
When we ship:

Babe Mask ships one box per season (December, March, June, September). Your first order will ship within 10 days of signing up and will then follow the seasonal pattern. Subscriptions renew on the 1st of December, March, June, and September. 

Spring March 1st (billed) | March 15th (delivered by)

Summer June 1st (billed) |  June 15th (delivered by)

Fall September 1 (billed) - September 15th (delivered by)

Winter December 1 (billed) | December 15 (delivered by)

What's your true skin type?

Discover New
Owned Brands

Curated for your unique skin care needs

Receive science-backed skincare products

Sustainable and eco-conscious packaging

Who's Behind Babe Mask?

Alyssa here 👋🏼! When I first started dating Stephen, he always seemed to catch me doing a crazy face mask walking around the apartment. “Oh look, Babe has her mask on again!” Christmas of 2019 Stephen said, “I did something for you and you can decide what you want to do with it!” That’s when he told me he bought

Now if we fast forward, we aren’t just a subscription box we are so much more. When you open a Babe Mask box we hope you see products made by creators who look just like you and they know exactly what you need. Not only will your skin look and feel amazing but you can feel good about living and shopping sustainably from diverse small business owners.


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