The Babe Mask Promise


"We created Babe Mask to reimagine the skincare industry altogether. Skincare shouldn’t be damaging to your skin, the environment, or your wallets, and that’s truly all I want from this.”

What We Stand For







Our Promise

Here, self-love and quality go hand in hand - great skincare shouldn't mean sacrifice.

Our partners and their products are hand-selected to ensure only the best go in each box.We believe the ingredients put on your skin should be just as good as the ingredients you eat.

Designed with Eco-Friendly Initiatives

All aspects of our packaging from the box, to the tape, to our postcards and stickers are post-consumer, biodegradable, and use soy-based inks to limit the waste created in the beauty industry.

And, with our focus on minority-owned small, local-run businesses, we support our community and those who look just like me and you.

Ingredients We Love

When onboarding new partners, we take a deep dive into their brand values to ensure it’s a perfect match with ours. We look for the highest grade, science-backed ingredients in every product.

My motto: if I wouldn’t use it on my face, why would I suggest it for yours?

Sustainability in our
Business Model

The beauty industry is naturally a wasteful field. Think about it: you buy, you try, and if it isn’t right you either let it sit there or it’s in the trash.

Babe Mask works to eliminate that, you sample the products at travel size and at a major discount before committing.

We completely tailor each order to your needs based on your skincare quiz, so you know each product you’re receiving is meant for you.

Sustainbility in our

Not only is our business model sustainable, but you don’t need to think twice about our packaging.

Our packing materials are biodegradable and our products are packed with an eco-conscious focus and we eliminated plastic where we could.

Check out fun tips on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle on our blog!