How to use a Soap Bar as a Cleanser

One of the biggest questions I get over and over is how to use a soap bar as a cleanser. I understand the confusion because, to be honest, I had never used a soap bar in this way before either! Before I jump in on how easy it is to incorporate this into your routine let’s discuss why you should add one.

Soap bars are less wasteful. We’ve all been there, you have your favorite cleanser or moisturizer and the little bit at the bottom is just useless. When you use a bar of soap you can use all of it. Not only can you use all of the product but you also don't have the waste of packaging. For example, our products, more specifically our soaps, are in burlap bags which you can reuse or just recycle. I suggest using burlap bags when you travel for jewelry, bobby pins, or if it's big enough you can use it as gift wrapping for the holidays. 

So now onto the juicy stuff. The biggest question we get is how do you use the soap. Most people assume it's meant to wash your hands but drum's the same thing as a cleanser! And to take it a step further, it's extremely easy to incorporate into a routine and an even bigger plus, it doesn't take up as much space on your shelf. If you're anything like me that's probably a big deal for you because my shelf is stocked

Down below you'll see a short little video on how to use one of my favorite products, the Body Desire Oatmeal Bar. It’s super super simple, all you have to do is get the bar wet and splash water on your face. Next, just rub the bar in between your hands until you get this thick foamy lather. Then, just cleanse as you would normally.


We talked about how using a bar of soap is more sustainable and less wasteful and that holds. But, this only holds if you properly care for your soap. I know what you're thinking can't be that hard, right? The reality is your soap only works as a cleanser if it's wet as we discussed before. So, the same is true if you want to care for your soap, do you want your soap to last more than a couple of uses, because it can last a few months! The best way to properly care for your soap is to keep it out of water. I know that sounds sort of weird and maybe hard, as you wash your face you probably just leave it on the counter. But you can get a soap tray or a little stand that lets the water drain, this way the soap can fully dry after you've used it. 

I hope this helped and you can use your bar in your new routine because it truly is a great cleanser alternative! And of course, if you have any questions, reach out, that's what we're here for! 

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