How to Use Mud Masks Correctly

This might be one of my favorite topics to talk about. That's probably because I love a good mud mask in my routine! The first thing you want to do before you apply a mask is prep your face. So for most people that would look like removing your makeup, you're applying the mask on a clean base. Next, you want to use a cleanser to remove any dirt, oils, and impurities from the surface of your skin. Now you're ready!

Then, you can go in and spread your mud mask evenly on your face with a brush or your fingertips. Typically, I suggest leaving a mask on anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the mask and your skin. It's important to know with mud masks in most cases you don't want the MASK to dry completely to the point where it starts to crack. What you do want is the mask to harden but not fully. When it comes time to remove the mask you want to rinse it off with warm water and a clean cloth. Now the reason I say clean cloth is, you don't want this to be the same towel you use to dry your hands or your bath towel when you get out of the shower. Your facial towel and your bathing towels should be two completely different things. If these towels are the same you won't get the best results out of your mud mask because you are essentially wiping it off with a dirty towel. I also want to note when you are wiping off your mask you shouldn't be scrubbing hard at your face. You should-be blotting, washing off your mud mask but not to irritate your skin. 


I always like to finish taking off a mask with a nice deep moisturizer. Think of your mud mask as a more intense exfoliation. You want to make sure you’re moisturizing to lock in those benefits you just received! 

Now my favorite part let's talk about why I have such a strong love for a good mud mask. First and foremost, unlike a lot of other products mud masks don't have to be used every single day to see results. Oftentimes, when you use a mud mask you'll notice a visible difference immediately. Masks can assist with breakouts, softer skin, refresh, or replenishing and moisture in just a few minutes. The next thing, many mud masks are better for a deep dive into your pores than a regular cleanser. Mud masks can draw out oil impurities and it's an extra level of cleansing. There are so many different masks that are formulated to benefit many skin concerns and all skin types. For example, charcoal masks are really good for oily and combination skin because they can pull out excess oil. Masks with almond milk or oats are really good for sensitive skin because they're more soothing and hydrating.  

In the video, I wanted to show how to properly apply the Bare Beauty mud mask, we also have a green clay mud mask from Camria Beauty you might have received. In the case of many of our products in Babe Mask a lot of them you are doing the mixing yourself which also might be a little bit different for some customers. and I understand it can be a little daunting but again it is super simple and easy to incorporate. So in the video, you'll see how to properly mix the mask. A lot of people get this very runny watery texture or they get the complete opposite, where it's very chunky and thick and you're applying too much. You will want a good in-between where you're just coating your skin thoroughly. It’s exactly equal parts clay to water in this instance.


Then you can brush it on with your fingers or a brush and just make sure you're evenly coating your face. When you're washing it off, splash your face with water, to loosen it. Again, don't let it dry completely on your skin so it's not cracking, and don't rub your face with a towel just kind of dot your face as you can see I do here with a facial towel!

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