Morning Skincare Routine Basics

Before I jump into my go-to routine let me set the record straight. None of what I’m saying is the end all be all of skincare and truthfully no one knows your skin better than you! A general rule of thumb, if it doesn’t feel good it isn’t good. I’m a huge stickler for ingredients, to make it super simple if I wouldn’t eat it I won’t put it on my face. Or, even better if you can’t pronounce it then do your research! I’m here to help and explain what works for me and what I’ve learned over the years but always consult with a dermatologist or esthetician for further information! 

So here we go! How do I wash my face? For me, my mornings start with a cleanser, toner, Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Now, what does all of this mean, let’s dive deeper! As far as my favorite products go, it’s ever-changing. I love trying new products! It’s also sort of my job, lucky me!

I start by cleansing, of course! Overnight is when your skin recovers and resets, cleansing first thing in the morning brushes off all those dead skin cells. 

Toner is a very important step because it balances your pH after cleansing and shedding all your excess skin from the night. Not only is toner removing those last impurities stuck in there from cleansing, but overtime toner can have a major impact on the tightness of your pores. (anti-aging benefits here!) 

I apply my serums or chemical exfoliants in order of small to large, or simply put thinnest to thickest texture. Now is when you would apply Vitamin C in the serum phase. Vitamin C prevents damage from free radicals but always apply sunscreen after vitamin C. Sunscreen prevents vitamin C from oxidizing on the skin to prevent blackheads. You can follow up with any other serums you like to use in the morning. For me, I keep mornings pretty straightforward and only use my Vitamin C serum. I end with a moisturizer that has built-in SPF. Two for one! 

I hope this better explains the order of operations and what each of these products can do for your skin! 

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