Nighttime Skincare Routine Basics

My nighttime routine is when I give my skin everything it needs from a long day. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this, between working out, wearing a mask, and just daily wear and tear your skin is going through it! I’ve been double cleansing at night just to ensure I’m removing any makeup, SPF, and other impurities my skin has collected throughout the day. 

I start with an oil-based cleanser that breaks down and melts away SPF and pollutants. Using oils instead of traditional soap or cleansers can also help protect the natural lipid layer of the skin and the good bacteria that live there. After an oil-based cleanser, I go in with a gel or one of my soap bar cleansers. This is also where you could incorporate a gentle exfoliator. 

Next, I’ll head in with a toner. Toner removes any last traces of dirt, grime, and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. When added to your daily skincare routine and used regularly, it can have major positive effects on the appearance and tightness of your pores. 


I apply my eye cream next, which is probably different from what people are used to. It works in the dermis to fight aging; the dermis is the thickest layer of skin, the inner layer of the two main layers of the skin. The dermis has connective tissue, blood vessels, oil and sweat glands, nerves, hair follicles, and other structures. It is made up of a thin upper layer called the papillary dermis, and a thick lower layer called the reticular dermis. You don’t want to apply your eye cream too late because then it’ll just sit on top of all your other products and not do its job. 

I apply my serums or chemical exfoliants in order of small to large, thinnest to thickest texture. I start with my BHA (beta hydroxy acid) which I use two or three times a week. It’s a leave-on chemical exfoliant with salicylic acid to unclog pores, brighten, and even skin tone. Then I go in with a more hydrating serum to protect my skin while moisturizing and providing anti-aging elements. I usually add about two thicker serums after this. One is heavily concentrated snail mucin to promote collagen production and moisturize. Then, I finish my serum stage with a honey concentrate. Honey is a natural beauty remedy with anti-aging, moisturizing, and antiseptic properties. 

I know this routine sounds like a lot. No matter if you just cleanse and tone, always finish with a moisturizer. At night, I flip-flop between two. Some nights I like a lightweight, oil-based moisturizer that absorbs fast and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. Other nights I like more of a moisturizing cream with peptides. This helps with fatigued skin, great for those extra-long days or when your skin has just had it! 

I will share one more piece of advice I’ve learned over the years, try not to switch up eye creams and serums because those are the products working towards the skin of tomorrow they have lasting and long-term effects for example aging, fine lines, dark circles, etc. But cleansers, exfoliants, masks, those types of products are working for the skin of today so what problems are you facing right at this moment? That’ll tell you what you need to use right now: are you dry, are you oily, are you breaking out, etc.

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