Using Your Body Scrub and Seeing Results

As with any exfoliator, a body scrub is no different. The goal, to remove dead skin cells and help produce new healthy ones! Exfoliating with a body scrub pulls out and smooths impurities while softening rough skin. 

Exfoliators are one of those things that should not be overused. You never want to over-scrub something or cause more damage than you're trying to cause positive results. My recommendation is to use a body scrub two or three times a week. I use mine in the shower in a circular motion with my bare hands. Others I know will use a bath mitt or gloves or a loofah but the problem with that is keeping them dry clean and preventing bacteria from growing on them. My suggestion if you do prefer a loofah or a bath mitt is to hang dry them after use so they can drip-dry once your shower is off. The last thing you want is bacteria growing on the thing you use to wash your body...

When applying a body scrub I find it best to rub in a circular motion not only will this help with impurities, and exfoliating dry and cracked skin, but it can also free ingrown hairs. Using a body scrub in a circular motion is much less abrasive than rubbing back and forth. For me, I regularly use my body scrub on my thighs and my shoulders. I get sweat breakouts from working out on the backs of my shoulders, I make sure I'm hitting that with my body scrub. 

In the video attached with this article, you'll find the SKOT Body Scrub and this one, in particular, is a mocha body scrub. Coffee scrubs are especially great; they have a long list of benefits. To name a few, coffee body scrubs can reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, give glowing skin, remove dead skin cells, ease puffiness, improve the texture of the skin, and reduce cellulite. I'm sure you're reading this and thinking I just told you coffee scrubs are the best thing in the world, they have so many benefits and you're probably thinking how in the world does it do all of that!? So, I will try my best to break it down. The caffeine in coffee helps dilate blood vessels which reduces the appearance of impurities, cellulite, and inflammation. Due to the nature of caffeine in the body scrub your skin can tighten in this area as well which improves blood flow and eliminates excess water. This helps with the texture and the puffiness you might be seeing in your skin. 


My recommendation, massaging your go-to body scrub into your skin for 2-5 minutes for optimal results. With many bath products your skin should be left feeling refreshed, not raw and irritated, don’t scrub too hard!

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