What do Lip Scrubs Really Do?

I remember when I posted the first Tik Tok of myself using our lip scrub and in the comments we got was “what are you doing, why would you do that.” And I found it to be kind of funny because for someone who maybe isn't as familiar with skincare it honestly probably looks goofy and I get that. The reality of it is you're putting formulated sugar on your lips to exfoliate and there's no fancy way of putting that because that's exactly what it is. So one of the big questions that people were asking, does it do anything? I think what people want to know is, am I doing this because I've been told it works, or am I doing it because it works?

The main objective of a lip scrub is to exfoliate, what this means is exfoliating dry and dead skin that has accumulated on your lips. Some of you might be reading this and thinking well I don't have that problem if so that's great! That means you don't need to use a lip scrub regularly. While others have dry and cracked lips when they're in a humid or dry environment or maybe just in the wintertime or whatever the case may be. Lip scrubs will be a great addition for those people. 

The biggest mistake I see with lip scrubs is overuse, no matter who you are or how dry and cracked your lips are, you don’t need a lip scrub every day. And to be frank, once a week on those bad weeks is plenty! 

Here you’ll see a short video on how to use the lip scrubs we sell AND best of all the mess/hassle-free way to remove it! Our lip scrubs are all-natural from Camria Beauty and T Alexandriaa. What does this mean? This means it is safe to just lick off and feel those soft lips afterward. (Please don’t start eating it out of the jar no matter how tempted you might be, I know it smells and frankly tastes sweet!) 



The last piece of advice I'll leave you with is to moisturize. If you read our blog post on mud masks you know moisturizing is number one always. My recommendation is to moisturize with a lip balm or chapstick before AND after. That's right before you exfoliate add a layer of your fav chapstick to soften the dead skin so it will exfoliate better with your lip scrub and as always moisturize after to lock in those results! MWAH! 

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