What is Body Butter and How does it work?

Body butter oh-la-la let’s discuss! To be honest, before launching Babe Mask I had never used body butter, and let me say that was a huge mistake on my part! It’s a game-changer! 

What is the difference between body butter and lotion? Great question! Simple answer, body butter is thicker and lotion is lighter. Body butter has a heavier, balm-like feeling to it. Body butter is made from natural butter, typically extracted from nuts and seeds. One of the popular main ingredients in our case is shea butter in our body butter from Bare Beauty

What does body butter do? It’s truly no different from what you use your lotion for. 

  1. Lock in moisture after you shower
  2. Target dry or irritated skin
  3. Great for softening and firming your skin
  4. The perfect hand cream
  5. Beauty alternatives! An alternative makeup remover and shaving cream replacement in a bind!


The biggest mistake I see with body butter is applying too much. The reality of body butter is you only need about a dime size. The warmth from your skin will melt the body butter and make it easier to apply. If you apply directly to your skin, just let it sit for a few seconds before rubbing it in. This will ensure that the body butter softens enough. 

Taking your time when applying body butter will make certain that you aren't left with that greasy feeling afterward! Here you’ll see a quick little video on how much body butter you truly need for the best moisturizing results!

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