What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is a very common skin condition that simply just means you lack moisture in the outer layer of your skin, the epidermis. The epidermis is your body's first defense against the elements your skin is exposed to. This means your skin is much more exposed to the elements. You need gentle, hydrating products that won't strip your skin of its natural moisture but just act as an aid! 

You wash your face and expect to feel fresh and clean, but instead, it feels irritated and tight. And during the dryer months like Winter and Fall, your skin is extra flaky and can peel easily, causing you to look red and feel extra itchy. Am I right, babe?

"A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I've learned is always to use a skin moisturizer!"- Beyoncé

The best thing to do for dry skin is to get it hydrated, babe! Our Moisturizing Facial Creme contains raspberry seed oil that helps to absorb UV rays, is high in Vitamin E, and stimulates collagen production. Use a deep, nighttime moisturizer, like our non-greasy Secret Sauce cream.

Ditch the harsh chemicals. Like really, if you see fragrance, parabens, harsh exfoliants...RUN! Ingredients in your cleansers, fragrances, can be super rough on your dry skin. Instead, try purchasing something mild and gentle. Your skin won’t retain moisture if it can’t breathe! Our Oatmeal Bar is great! Use a light oil-free moisturizer before bed. Our Revival Oil will soften and protect your skin.

If your house is too hot or you spend too much time in the sun, this can dry out your skin quickly. Try using a humidifier in your home, and make sure to wear sunscreen, or a hat, and find some shade-you've heard this before! (PSSST...many of our cleansers have all-natural UV protection to use under sunscreen, we got you, babe!)

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