What is Normal Skin?

It all comes down to genetics, "normal" is used to describe well-balanced skin. Overall your sebum and moisture are balanced so your skin is never too oily or too dry! Normal skin is defined as being a little bit of everything- all at once! Your skin never feels too oily or too dry, your skin reacts to its environment, your pores are small, blemishes aren't constant, and sensitive skin isn't for you.

“I like my skin best when it’s clean and glowy, and that comes from sleep, hydration, and happiness.”— Tracee Ellis Ross

Cleanser-gel, cream, or oil you get to pick! The beauty with Normal Skin is that you get to pick your preference! A gel cleanser washes away impurities while maintaining your moisture barrier. A cream cleanser will fit the bill if a little bit of dryness runs your life- hydrate, tone, and soften. Finally, an oil cleanser will help with any excess oil your skin might have.

Masking and exfoliating will be a small part of your weekly routine for a brightened skin appearance! Exfoliating with our various sponges will target specific skin concerns. Who doesn't love a good mask? We have a multitude of clay and mud masks to smooth, firm, and tighten your skin

As always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Just like your cleanser, the consistency of your moisturizer comes down to your personal preference. Light, medium, rich, and SPF moisturizers are up to you! Everyone needs to stay soft, and protected from your skin's natural lipid barrier. Finding the right moisturizer will retain moisture and reject stressors!

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