What is Oily Skin?

Did you wash your face? Is it still shiny? That's why you're here, babe! No matter how much you blot, your skin looks shiny and glowing all the time, it's oily skin. This can cause breakouts, especially in the T zone. I bet you think your pores look huge in certain lights too, right? Don’t worry. This is normal. When you have oily skin you struggle with larger pores that often get clogged with sweat and oils that your body is producing. You may even struggle to keep makeup on. After a long day, your makeup might start just sliding off your skin. 

But there are benefits to this too! Extra moisture can help protect your skin from other external factors. Oil helps preserve the skin, this means you probably have thicker skin than most! That means, fewer wrinkles! But, let's help you find the balance.

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make-up”.― Demi Moore

Just Keep on Scrubbin, Babe! Exfoliating your face is an extremely effective way of clearing away dead skin. Our Oatmeal Bar can balance pH while moisturizing and even correcting your natural oil production!! Remember, the best time to exfoliate is at night before bed. You don’t wanna open up your pores before loading on products in the morning!

Moisturize Smarter, not Harder. Why add more moisture onto an already greasy face? The reason your skin might be so oily is that it's working extra hard to hydrate itself. I know, mind BLOWN! Try using an oil face cleanser or moisturizer before bed. This will help your skin relax!

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