Who is ADORAtherapy?

ADORAtherapy, wants you to “Adore Yourself!” Compassion for yourself and others will create a life of passion and purpose, harmony and connectedness and abundance and success in all your endeavors” says founder Laura.

Born in Miami and raised in Paris, the daughter of renowned sculptor Leah Poller, Laura started her career as a professional stage and film actress at the age of six. Laura attended French Public Schools and graduated with a Baccalaureate degree from Janson de Sailly. At the age of sixteen, Laura was cast as the lead in Roger Andrieux’s “La Petite Sirene'' alongside Philipe Leotard. With her face plastered on subways and bus stops throughout Paris, film festivals, and award ceremonies to attend, Laura’s childhood was interrupted. Her career in acting awakened her to the challenges we all face: loving ourselves just as we are. Laura moved to New York City to study fashion at Parsons School of Design. A natural creative director and leader Laura founded a successful apparel manufacturing business, a fashion software company, and a branding agency all while raising her family. With success came the opportunity to ask deeper questions and align Laura’s values around sustainability, courage, and open-heartedness. Impact became her focus. ADORAtherapy was born from this exploration.

We started the business in 2015 to disrupt the aromatherapy category which is very much about the therapeutic benefits and move essential oils from wellness to a more of a conscious beauty conversation.


Our aroma perfumes lift and shift your mood in the moment, allowing you to tap into your best self. When we have the presence of mind and heart to be more adoring and compassionate with ourselves, this very feeling cascades into the world and all we touch within it. As we individually transform into the best version of ourselves we weave a new tapestry for humankind, ultimately elevating our collective consciousness. I like to say we are a “life coach in a bottle”.

Love Laura

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