Who is Babe Mask?

When I first started dating Stephen, he always seemed to catch me doing a crazy face mask walking around the apartment. He started poking fun at me calling them “my babe masks” it sort of became our thing. “Oh look, Babe has her mask on again!” I wrapped him into my love of face masks and skincare and was always experimenting with the newest products I found and wanted to try. Finally, one night Stephen looked at me and said “let’s do this, let’s bring Babe Mask to the world!” To be honest, I didn’t know what he meant or what he had in mind. Christmas of 2019 Stephen said, “I did something for you...and you can decide what you want to do with it!” That’s when he told me he bought babemask.com. Babe Mask became our fun weekend project, we’d make brunch on Sundays and sit at the kitchen counter and work. 


Fast forward to March 2020. I don’t think any of us will forget that month for as long as we live. March 13th. March 13th was a turning point for the world. March 13th was the date of the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor, when New York City shut down because of COVID-19, and my last day of work. I’ll never forget that day. I had this mix of emotions I was stressing for myself. I had no job; the city was closing around me; I was moving in with Stephen so we could at least quarantine together and frankly; I feared myself and my loved one's getting sick from COVID-19. Most importantly, I saw what was going on in our world. Hate crimes against people of color, sex trafficking, and murder. I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. 

I knew Babe Mask was something I wanted for a while now but I didn’t know the first thing about launching a company and running it entirely myself. I also knew that I wanted Babe Mask to have a deeper meaning than other subscription boxes. I wanted to truly make a difference while doing something that I loved. All of this sounded great but now I needed to make it a reality. I spent just about three months researching and creating a list of almost every skincare brand I could find. I was picky, extremely picky. I wanted like-minded creators who believed in what I believed in. When it came to reaching out to brands and pitching Babe Mask I started looking for those that ticked a few very important boxes: minority-owned, science-backed, and sustainable. It would be easy to just fill a box with products and call it a day. But, that isn’t Babe Mask.

Now, if we fast forward I look back and I can’t be happier that I’ve launched a company centered around my personal values. We aren’t just a subscription box we are so much more. Babe Mask serves as an at-home skincare guide for everyone: no matter your age, race, gender, skin type, or skin goals. Each box is filled with women-owned, women of color-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, and Latinx-owned small businesses. When you open a Babe Mask box we hope you see products made by individuals who look just like you and they know exactly what you need. Not only will your skin look and feel amazing but you can feel good about living and shopping sustainably. In the end, I want Babe Mask to be a diverse, educational, sustainable platform for everyone to feel welcome while building an amazing babe enterprise! 

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