Who is Bare Beauty?

BareBeauty came to life during quarantine...similar to a lot of other businesses. As the mindset when the country was "shut down" was to find a way to make money from home, since we all weren't able to go to our usual jobs.

However, the concept wasn't born then, as I've been an avid Pinterest user since high school and became a "DIY-er" pretty early on...making lip scrubs, repurposing old soap bars, and even make-up.

I am Jamaican born and grown and moved to the United States in 2018. By the winter of that same year, my skin was not handling the changes in the climate very well and so I started making my products again to combat these skin ailments I was experiencing. By this time, however, I am the holder of a Bachelor's degree in Biology with access to more resources and so the DIY-ing turned to proper formulations and testing. I would create and give to friends and coworkers who encouraged me towards creating my own business. 

With quarantine I surely found the time I couldn't before, to make it happen. Coming up with the name was sooo hard actually. Took me weeks, maybe even months. Lordt! But the idea behind it was to create and sell products that were made from simple ingredients and help to embrace your bare skin. Products that enhance that natural beauty and glow. Just like that Bare Beauty was born, through hard work, research, and years of experimentation! 

Love Tamoya

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