Who is Camria Beauty?

Hi I’m Amiyra, founder and CEO of Camria Beauty!

It took many years but finally at the age of 24 I started to gain self-confidence and self-love towards my body, skin and face. In gaining this new love, I knew I wanted to take better care of myself. This journey began, to not only be cautious of what was being put on my skin but to learn more about skincare ingredients, so I can formulate and provide others with this same confidence, self-care and self-love I've gained through natural beauty.

For my brand name I wanted it to incorporate my daughter's and be meaningful for them. I combined parts of their names (Camilla and Arianna) to create Camria. 

Our mission at Camria Beauty:
- For our customers to have an experience like no other
- Formulate only using natural ingredients (free of chemicals)
- Produce products that will help women and men feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin
- Affordable prices (Everything is under 30$)

Love, Amiyra

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