Who is SKÔT Beauté?

My name is Toks Fahm Ajayi the founder of SKÔT Beauté based in Richmond VA. SKÔT is a Global Award Winning, mindful, all-natural, Inde skin and lip care brand. Built on a fusion of my love for African beauty rituals that I grew up with and French beauty secrets.

SKÔT was founded while taking a R&R solo trip to Paris to reconnect with myself. The French way of embracing your natural beauty at any age, taking care of your skin with luxurious efficacious products for the healthiest look and simply enhancing with a red lip reigned supreme. As an avid lover of spa and travel, it was always a passion of mine to incorporate natural ingredients into my brand. I grew up with certain ingredients in my African household, and sought ingredients used in different beauty rituals that I’ve come accustomed to during my global travels. Looking for the best ingredients to calm the skin, de stress; emotionally and mentally, clear my hyper-pigmented, mature skin.

While in Paris, I had that AHA moment; to create a spa-like experience with a simple, efficacious, self-care ritual that all women will love and my daughters can embrace. Hence, the creation of SKÔT Beauté.

Love Toks

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