Who's Aluna Herbal Care?

Hi, we are Daniel and Mateo.

Aluna was born in 2020. It was a mixture of passion, knowledge, and dedication between Daniel and Mateo, and all these gave birth to Aluna, a company whose mission is to capture nature's essential benefits to craft nurturing self-care products for daily beauty regimens. 

We named our company Aluna to honor our heritage in the tropical paradise of Colombia. We were inspired by the indigenous tribe Kogi, who believes in being stewards of the land they call home and feel responsible for protecting the environment.

During this journey, we experience all different emotions such as stress, frustration, but also happiness, hope, and tons of learnings. The best thing we ever experienced was to face these challenges as a family.”

Mateo... is the science behind Aluna. He formulates each product down to the molecule with his knowledge as a Chemical Engineer, coupled with his passion for developing green formulations.

“My vision is to create products that express the herbs’ ultimate benefits sustainably.”

Daniel, who has a bachelor’s in strategic communication, is enthusiastic and passionate about the world of medicinal herbalism.

"Through my work in strategic communications, I realized that our society lacks responsible products for our daily use, that's why we have created a natural experience based on our knowledge and our contribution to nature."

Love Daniel and Mateo

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